The PBF project was established to document historical archives of the Calgary Prophetic Institute, Berean Bible College and Foothills College. This entailed scanning and indexing files that eventually gets published online for the public to have access to. Currently, we are using google drive as our main platform to upload these documents. These files can be accessed as follows:

PBF Summer 2019 Team:
We mostly scanned materials that have been lent to use from faculty and alumni. Some of the documents we have scanned have come from Mary Macomber who was an alumni of the college and Cyril Hutchinson who was the first principle of Berean college. We also scanned yearbooks that were previously missing in the archives. We made sure that most of the files we scanned were made text searchable using the Adobe Mobile App in order for the public to search for information easily.

Lastly, we also compiled online research that provides links to various sources related to Berean and its founding members. These can be used for further research in the future.

PBF Reset 2017

PBF (Prophetic, Berean, Foothills) 2017 is a Canada 2017 Network project of FACTS (Family And Community Twining Society) which is coordinated by a team of volunteers. Anyone interested in PBF reunions and preserving the PBF heritage for future generations is welcome to join the team. We hope to accomplish the following in 2017:  

  1. Reflecting on the Past by:
    1. Getting email feedback from Alumni and Friends
    2. Preparing for the "Next Generation" reunion in August of 2017
  2. Evaluating the Present by looking at options for the PBF network.
  3. Archiving for the Future by:
    1. Finishing the PBF Digital Archiving Project
    2. Making long term arrangements for the physical archives

Email: for more information. 

Submitting Information to the PBF Network

To submit information, email with your submission or link to your submission or to arrange for an alternate way to make your submission.